A damp home can attract termites and ants. Make sure that does not happen with moisture control services from Diamond Exterminators. Don't leave dampened and damaged wood untreated. It can cause mold and fungi to spread throughout your home and threaten the health of your family. Benefit from our over 12 years of experience.

Signs Your Home Has Moisture Damage

  • Your home has a constant, musty smell that won't go away
  • Water stains appear on the ceiling and walls. They may be circular and brown around the edges
  • Leaking within the walls. Listen for any sounds of water gushing
  • Unexplained coolness in a room - this may indicate moisture is evaporating nearby
  • Unusually high water bills - even the smallest of leaks can yield a hundred gallons of water a day. If you feel your bills are high, have your pipes inspected